TRIVIA – Friends – Dec 12th – Pheasant Plucker – 7:59pm


Date: Thursday, Dec 12th, 2024
Time: 7:59 PM
Location: Pheasant Plucker – 20 Augusta Street, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 1P7 – 905-529-9000

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Hey Friends aficionados! Could this BE any more exciting? Join us at The Pheasant Plucker on Dec 12 at 7:59 PM for a night of laughs, coffee, and the best trivia this side of Central Perk – it’s Friends Trivia Night! ☕🛋️

Get your smelly cat and pivot your way to the most iconic trivia event since Joey’s audition for ‘Days of Our Lives’! Whether you’re as fashion-forward as Rachel, as neat-freaky as Monica, or as sarcastic as Chandler, this is your chance to shine brighter than Ross’s teeth! 😁✨

And hey, if you can name all of Phoebe’s songs, recite every ‘How you doin’?’ attempt, and finish every ‘We were on a break!’ argument, you might just win a prize as iconic as Joey’s ‘Joey Doesn’t Share Food’ motto! 🍽️🎁

Book your dinner reservation now and get ready for a night full of Friends, fun, and fabulous prizes. No cost to play!

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